Want to build a great company culture? Here are your four essential components.

Flickr user opensourceway https://flic.kr/p/8S4XtH CC BY-SA 2.0
  1. Tell us what you want us to work on. Be as specific as you reasonably can, given our level and responsibilities. Don’t vaguely gesture at, “you know, try to find things to work on that will support our mission,” and then chastise us for not finding the thing you were thinking of but didn’t tell us.
    Can’t do that? Bad culture!
  2. Give us access to the people and resources we need to do the work. Make it clear and easy to find the domain experts and the…

My ballot choices for the 2020 General Election.

I live and vote in the City of East Palo Alto, which is in San Mateo County; in the 24th State Assembly District, the 13th State Senate District, and the 14th U.S. Congressional District. I’m listing my ballot choices for these offices, as well as the twelve(!) ballot propositions.

I am a registered Democrat and generally progressive in my political and social beliefs. I’ve made my decisions based on information from the Official Voter Information Guide, General Election Sample Ballot, and Voter’s Edge.

President and Vice President: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

SportHeroes’ application security failures impact IRONMAN VR Club participants

Update 2020–04–27: SportHeroes have fixed a separate issue with their FitBit integration. If you have or want to create a FitBit account (you don’t need a FitBit device to create an account), you can share your Peloton rides to FitBit and link it to SportHeroes. This allows your Peloton rides to show up immediately in the IRONMAN VR Club dashboard with no exporting or editing needed!

Thanks to Paul-Emile at SportHeroes for reaching out personally about this issue.

Update 2020–04–21: I’ve narrowed down the specific incompatibility between activities originating on Peloton and auto-synced to Strava which prevents them from successfully…

My choices, and some commentary, for the 2018 election. State of California / San Mateo County / City of East Palo Alto. I am a registered Democrat and usually vote straight-ticket. But not always.

Go Vote, California!

I am generally against most ballot measures, because I believe legislating should be done by the Legislature. I’m generally against most bond measures, because as a homeowner, they impact me directly — in the form of “extra” assessments on top of my property taxes — so the measure has to be really good for me to support it.

When I am ambivalent or don’t have enough…

I wrote this for a Narration class last weekend, based on an extemporaneous speech about “my favorite room”; the homework assignment was to expand and clean-up the speech, without listening to the recording! We were surprised in the next session when our submissions were shuffled and given to other classmates. After hearing a classmate read this, I thought it would make a good post.

Listen to this post on Soundcloud

I dithered a bit about what to write; my house is fairly nondescript. A stock 1980 vaguely Spanish-style California townhome, like a million others. Quite a bit of work since…

In troubleshooting a strange Apple Pay problem (the iPhone helpfully tells me to “Hold near reader to pay” even when the phone is literally on top of the reader), the Apple Support rep suggested I do a “Reset All Settings”.


So I took a full iTunes backup, and …

ALL of them

What follows is an incomplete list of everything I had to reconfigure after the iPhone finished resetting and came back up.

  • Wifi networks
  • Touch ID fingerprints
  • Notification settings for many apps; some apps need to be deleted and reinstalled to recover notification access
  • Location settings for all apps
  • Text size…

Garmin Forerunner 920XT (image courtesy Garmin)

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT is a terrific triathlon watch, and I really like the tri mode — where you just hit the Lap key in between segments (T1, run start, T2, bike start) and when you’re done, it creates a single “Triathlon” activity in Garmin Connect.

I use a Web service called Tapiriik to automatically sync my workouts and races from Connect to Strava and Runkeeper. Garmin actually has a built-in Strava sync, but I find that it only works around half the time.

Unfortunately, the other services don’t understand the Triathlon activity. Strava doesn’t have a multi-segment activity at…

This is not a HOLY CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED post. This is not a HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE post. This is simply a recap of my 2016 Ballot post, with results and some commentary. For more post-election reaction, see the entire rest of the Internet.

Sources: California Secretary of State; San Mateo County Registrar of Voters


President and Vice-President: ❌ Do I have to say it? I voted Clinton/Kaine. I’m frightened for our future. I intend to do whatever I can to resist and fight what comes out of Washington for the next four years.

United States Senator…

Update: See the results/recap post.

I do this every four years, at least; sometimes I get it done for the midterms as well. Line by line, candidate by candidate, measure by measure (by measure, by measure — because California), I figure out how I’m going to vote and write up the whys and wherefores.

It seems like every time, we says it’s “the most important election ever” and once again, yes, it is the most important election ever. For obvious reasons.


President and Vice President: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Well, obviously. Unlike in previous elections where, if we’d ended…

…to start thinking about my athletic goals for 2017.

“Psychedelic Marathon Start” by brewbooks on Flickr
  1. Miles in one event: I want to “run my age”, which will be 47. So 47 miles in one day… sounds like a perfect goal for Brazen Racing’s annual Dirty Dozen twelve-hour trail run. In 2016 I achieved my first “ultra” distance — 50K (actually 33.7 miles) at this event, over around nine hours. Running for twelve hours (including rest breaks) will be difficult, but I think I can do it.
  2. Speed goal: I want to run an “Ageless Wonder” 10K, that is, a 10K race in fewer minutes than my…

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