#OUaTrevisit: S5:E13/14

andrew rich
4 min readJan 5, 2023

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It’s the first #OUaTrevisit Wednesday of the new year. It’s also my first day back at work after the holiday break. I’m not saying I sympathize with Lord Blue-Fire but I kinda do. Anyway.

Everything is going just great.

S5:E13 Labor of Love

“The heroes learn Hook is held captive in Hades.”
Airdate: March 13, 2016

  • “in” or “by”? Is Hades the realm or the person? Or both?
  • Meanwhile, in the land of bad CGI backgrounds.
  • Megara! And per the credits, Cruella.
  • This seems like a trap. Remember Megara was working for Hades.
  • Cerberus looks like the demon dog from Ghostbusters, only more so.
  • David is calling her Mary Margaret this week. Next week it’ll be Snow again?
  • He’s on a diplomatic mission. This is a councilor ship.
  • Young Princess Snow bugs out of the castle, no guards spotted her, and falls into a convenient oubliette.
  • Hercules! Honey, you mean Hunk-ules. Who is apparently dead?
  • Bizarro Storybrooke.
  • I’m so glad Regina and Robin seem to be a permanent thing.
  • That disapparating was all Emma. Even without the Dark power, she’s now a full-power magic user.
  • I do not trust Megara, at all.
  • C’mon, Snow, you wanna be strong like Herc? Brave like Herc? This is gonna be harder than I thought!
  • Are we saying that Snow White’s renowned archery abilities come from Hercules?
  • Glad to see Emma Caulfield is continuing as the Blind Witch.
  • Dead Herc is so moody, he should be on a CW show.
  • I like Hades’ tie.
  • “Grandma Cora”
  • Ah, the old ventilation shaft trick.
  • Yay, Cruella!
  • Regina called him Wonderboy.
  • The long cloak is not conducive to archery.
  • Of course, the bandit is working for Regina.
  • “So we’re gonna do a half-season in another realm, but we’re gonna save a ton of money by just using a red filter and the same old sets!”
  • Unhooked.
  • The music, the gin, the glamour, the gin.
  • As I thought, Henry destroyed the quill, but its power still exists.
  • Cruella has actually a pretty good point.
  • “You made me your friend by never giving up on me.” Regina/Snow team-up forever.
  • Young Snow in a version of the huntress outfit.
  • Herc to Snow: “Can you keep a secret?” Me: NO!
  • A little bit of “Go the Distance” behind Herc’s speech.
  • For a second when the bed crashed through the floor, I wondered if it was a Bedknobs and Broomsticks reference.
  • Just terrible tactical planning by Snow in that encounter with the bandits.
  • Is this beast a manifestation of fear or something?
  • Check out the stunt doubles in the background.
  • And there’s the explanation for why David overused “Mary Margaret” in this episode.
  • Huh, I guess Meg wasn’t working for Hades this time.
  • Take this screwdriver and do something terrible!
  • Does Hades really have the power to force someone who isn’t dead to stay in the Underworld?

S5:E14 Devil’s Due

“Gold finds motivation to help Emma rescue Hook.”
Airdate: March 20, 2016

  • “Devil’s Due” or “DeVille’s Due”?
  • Hades is really Shatnering this dialog.
  • “Keep all arms and hands inside the boat, there be squirrels ahead.”
  • It’s a Pan flute, get it?
  • Oops, Gold dropped the Palantir.
  • A helpful dead person. Milah?
  • Baelfire reached out his hand to a poisonous snake. Not too smart.
  • “Morning, Dearie.”
  • It really does look like Killian is riding PotC.
  • It’s a good thing the scenery is virtual, or else Hades would have chewed it all.
  • “You’ve been with my former lover…and my son?”
  • Pooh and Tigger plush under the crib.
  • “Kendrake the Healer”, or Ken for short.
  • Maybe helping save Hook is Milah’s unfinished business.
  • “I’m not saying it’s Bambi’s mom, but I’m not saying it isn’t.” I missed Cruella.
  • “Underbrooke” — no, just no.
  • Who else is Regina looking for?
  • Happy person, tippy stone.
  • Something… Brave, you say?
  • The fabled meeting of Milah and Killian.
  • “Do you expect me to talk?” “No, Captain Hook, I expect you to die!”
  • I don’t think cowardly Rumple is going to have much luck with this heist.
  • “I’ll give you the potion but you’ll need to go on a quest for me.”
  • Ah, Regina was looking for Daniel’s stone. Which is tippy.
  • All the pool balls are red.
  • Hades is relying on other people to do things for him as if he’s perhaps unable to effect them himself.
  • “I’m sure that’s a puzzle you can solve.”
  • He traded the potion for their second child, a draft pick, and cash.
  • Oof, he really did throw her in the river.
  • Was Regina having a problem with her magic? I guess I missed that.
  • The old heart-split trick. Except not.
  • Regina, Snow, and Emma are now stuck.
  • What’s Hades reading? Faust, of course.
  • That Hades speech took me a minute to decipher: Rumple killed Fendrake during his affair with Rose McGowan/Cora to keep any potential child from being taken.
  • Hades is doing Goblin King-style glass juggling.
  • I’m already tired of the bad blue-fire effect.



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